Photo retouching — Graphic art

The goal of this project was to come up with a challenging work order for photo retouching, and then carry out said order.

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The problem to be solved during this project was: Complete a challenging work order within a certain timeframe and with a more than acceptable result. The project was ment as a way for you to experience a work order from a client and as a way to train your photo retouching skills.

Initialy you had to come up with a work order and then the teacher had to accept it, if it was challenging enough. My work order included to use the picture you can see below and to create a photo that could be used as an album cover. I had to alter the photo to place flowers inside a hole in the persons face, almost as if the flowers are growing inside the head. The photo also had to include vibrant colors.

Initial picture before retouching.

The retouching work started with removing the lines in the foreground of the photo. After that the hole in the face was created. This hole follow the contours of the face, so that its not just a round hole. Next the flowers were added to the photo and color corrected to fit in. Finally shadows, highlights and overall lighting was added to complete the photo. The work process and final result can be seen in the photos below.

Early work, hole-in-head.
Flowers added to the hole, with added shadows and color correction.
Final look added to the picture.

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