Logo magazine

Layout — Typography

The goal of this project was to create a fictional magazine, complete with illustrations, pictures, layout, typography and branding.

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The problem to be solved during this project was: How do you create a magazine?

To reach the goal, I started by doing research online and searching for inspiration. I had earlier chosen to create a design focused magazine and i wanted to create somethig out of the ordinary, something that stands out. I chose the name Logo because of the obvious ties to graphic design.

After this i started doing sketches and decided what should be in the magazine and where i would put it. When the sketches were done I moved on Indesign where i designed and put togetherthe magazine. The finished magazine you can see in the pictures below.

For the design I chose pink as a primary color and because of this I decided to use alot of black and white photos to create a nice contrast between color and picture. I also used alot of outlines of text and objects to mimic the effect of the logo of Logo magazine and to create a unifying design language.

The final magazine is 16 pages long and in an A4 format. The back page is not pictured here.

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Photo retouching — Graphic art



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