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Layout — Print media

The goal of this project was to create a new cover for an existing book. The second part of the project was meant to act as training on how to set up a document ready for print.

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The problem to be solved during this project was: How do you design a book cover, and then set up the documents for print?

At the start of the project you were given the choice between three different books to work with. I choose Mio min Mio by Astrid Lindgren.

Next up you had to start designing your own cover of the book you choose. You were given a template to work from. The cover you created also had to conform to certain criteria. You had to design a front and backpage, along with the spine of the book. The cover also had to include two inner flaps with information about other books and the author. Lastly you also had to include foiling and lacquer on the cover.

The finished cover design for my version of Mio min Mio by Astrid Lindgren

I decided to design a very minimalistic cover, but that still is somewhat informativ and catches your eye. The title on the book, both on the front cover and the spine i designed to be printed in gold foiling. The black ground along with the silhouette of the horse and the two boys is designed to be laquered.

When the design was finished you then had to set up the document to be ready for printing. The document needs four different pages to differentiate between the design, the foiling and the laquer.

First pass, the complete design without foiling and laquer.
Second pass, the complete design with foiling and laquer highlighted.
Third pass, just laquer highlighted.
Fourth pass, just foiling highlighted.

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