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Web design — UX

The goal of the project was to redesign the webpage of a nonprofit organization with help from user feedback.

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This project was part of my thesis work togheter with 2 other designers. The problem to solve was to use an iterative design process to redesign a webpage for a nonprofit organization.

The iterative design process included multiple stages of prototyping and gathering user feedback to ultimately create a webpage with a great user experience.

The three stages used during this design process was layout, color and typography, and lastly usability. During each stage multiple protoypes were created and tested on the target audience. The feedback gathered from the user testing was used to create new prototypes and eventually also the final design.

Exampel of an informative page on the webpage
Exampel of the membership form on the webpage
Exampel of the news feed on the webpage

The final redesign for the webpage was built using Wordpress together with Elementor.

The redesigned webpage can be found at

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