Zuzana Licko

Layout — Typography

The goal of this project was to write and design a book about a prolific graphic designer throughout design history.

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The problem to solve during this project was: Write a text about a prolific graphic designer and then design a book around that text.

The project started with the text. I was given Zuzana Licko and tasked with writing a factual text about her life. Then i started sketching the layout of the book. In the end i decided to use Licko's typefaces in text and as illustrations. Over 6 pages in the book I used big letters to spell out Zuzana, and each letter is built up with the text I wrote about her life. You can see the finished book down bellow.

The color scheme of the book represents the colors of the original macintosh. A computer that Zuzana Licko was an early user of. All shapes, illustrations and text in the book are all sat in and made by typefaces that Licko has created.

The final book is 18 pages long and in an A4 format. The last three pages are not pictured here.

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